United States


To meet the vast needs of our children and staff in Africa and the Caribbean, Children of the Nations (COTN) has a number of offices in the United States. Our headquarters is located in Silverdale, Washington. We currently have regional offices in:

We are in the process of starting other local offices in communities across the country.
Because Children of the Nations is a relationship-based movement of people, as opposed to a traditional corporate organization, we place high value on creating a local presence in communities with a passion for our cause. Our dream is to eventually have local offices coast-to-coast, in all fifty states.
There are a number of opportunities for partners like you to get involved at each of our offices in the United States, as an individual or as part of a group. Whether you’re interested in sponsoring a child, visiting one of our ministry sites overseas, donating resources, volunteering, or taking part in an event in your area, our staff is eager to help you get connected. 
Follow the links below to learn more about getting involved with COTN in your area, or contact a COTN representative near you.