Lira, Uganda

The village of Anai-Okii is located two-and-a-half miles from downtown Lira, the main city in this part of Uganda. This community consists of approximately 200 households (about 1,300 people). The majority of the people in Anai-Okii are internally displaced people from Bala Stock Farm (a recently closed IDP camp located about 15 miles south of Lira), and an estimated 70 percent of the population are women and children.

Residents of Anai-Okii are predominantly impoverished families engaging in subsistence farming for survival. Those who can, rent land to farm. The rest of the population work on neighboring farms, earning as little as one dollar a day. The majority are from pagan, Catholic, or Anglican backgrounds. Christianity coexists with traditional African practices. Muslims make up a minority.


Anai-Okii Village Partnership Program Details
Our Anai-Okii Village Partnership Program officially launched in 2010 following completion of Phase One of our Uganda Children’s Village, which included construction of seven full-care residential homes for orphaned children. Phase Two (construction of additional children's homes, school buildings, and more) commenced in early 2010, at which time we officially launched our village partnership program with neighboring Anai-Okii.

Our Village Partnership Program in Anai-Okii is a community-based ministry that provides a coming-alongside sort of partnership with the village leaders to provide training, education, spiritual encouragement, and resources empowering them to raise their children and reach their goal of self-sustainability. Working through the local village leadership of Anai-Okii, Children of the Nations has assessed the unique needs of this village, and is working to establish programs and strategies to best meet these needs.

Initial Assessed Needs:

  • Lack of access to education; the nearest school is 2.5 miles away
  • No water/electricity; the nearest water spring was too overcrowded (this water source is also used by a neighboring secondary school with a student body of 3,000)
  • No access to medical care
  • High illiteracy rate
  • High orphan rate
  • Significant malnutrition, especially among the children

Date Village Partnership Program launched:


Number of children currently enrolled in program:


Programs/Services currently provided:

  • Open enrollment for Sponsorship program
  • Resource distribution
  • School (preschool - seventh grade)
  • Bible studies and summer camps


Future plans for Anai-Okii Village Partnership (as funding allows):

  1. Expansion of the school
  2. Ongoing trauma counseling
  3. Medical services