Mallory Jansen Memorial School (Marjay Town)

Freetown (Marjay Town), Sierra Leone

The Mallory Jansen Memorial School (Marjay Town) is located in a rural, highly impoverished community on the outskirts of Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown. The building was originally used as COTN's flagship orphan-care facility, the Marjay Town Children's Home, but was converted into a community school in 2007 when we relocated our Children's Homes and ministry center to the Upper Banta chiefdom, in Sierra Leone's interior. 

While COTN no longer has a child sponsorship program in Marjay Town, and the children who attend the school are not under our care, we maintain oversight on the school. The school is an approved educational facility recognized by Sierra Leone's Ministry of Education, offering preschool and primary school education. 

The Mallory Jansen Memorial School is named after the late Mallory Jansen, the young daughter of Dr. Perry and Brenda Jansen, friends and fellow missionaries of COTN founders Chris and Debbie Clark. (Perry and Brenda Jansen are also founders of Partners in Hope HIV/AIDS Clinic in Malawi, a COTN partner ministry.)