Banta Ministry Center

Upper Banta, Sierra Leone

Our Banta Ministry Center is located near the village of Ngolala, in the region of Upper Banta, a chiefdom consisting of fifty rural villages. Located an eight-hour drive from the capital city of Freetown, our Banta Ministry Center is in a severely underdeveloped area of Sierra Leone, which ironically has some of the richest mineral deposits of bauxite and rutile in the world. During Sierra Leone's rebel war in the 1990s, this area was hit hard and the children are still suffering the consequences.

Today, our Banta Ministry Center includes our Mallory Jansen Memorial School (preschool through secondary school), Banta Medical Clinic, the William E. Clark Skills Center, Church of the Nations, Health Animators Program, and administrative offices.

The ministry center also provides housing for our Sierra Leone country director and some staff, as well as accommodations for visiting Venture participants. Our Children’s Homes are located on the back end of the property, adjacent to the ministry center. A 50-acre agricultural project is located on the back half of the property as well.

The Banta Ministry Center is located in close proximity to our three Village Partnerships in Sierra Leone: Ngolala, Mosenesi, and Mokpangumba.