Lilongwe, Malawi

The village of Mtsiliza is found in Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi. This community is home to over 1,000 households (10,000+ people), ranging from destitute to middle-class. Orphaned and destitute children living with their families or caregivers who are unable to properly care for them make up the majority of the population. Due to the high rate of HIV/AIDS and the toll it has taken on this community, many families are headed by widows, the elderly, and in some cases, children. Christian, Muslim, and traditional tribal religions all co-exist in Mtsiliza.


Mtsiliza Village Partnership Program Details
Our Village Partnership Program in Mtsiliza is a community-based ministry that provides a coming-alongside sort of partnership with the village leaders to provide training, education, spiritual encouragement, and resources empowering them to raise their children and reach their goal of self-sustainability. Working through the local village leadership of Mtsiliza, Children of the Nations continually assesses the unique needs of this village, updating programs and strategizing to best meet these needs.

Initial Assessed Needs:

  • High rate of HIV/AIDS
  • High orphan population
  • Lack of nutrition

Date Village Partnership Program launched:


Number of children currently enrolled in program:


Programs/Services currently provided:



Future plans for Mtsiliza Village Partnership (as funding allows):

  1. Vocational skills training whereby children would come and learn different kinds of skills (e.g. computer, carpentry, landscaping, tailoring, bakery, and many more).
  2. Medical funding to provide high-quality care for those in need.