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from a March 2011 COTN Vision Trip

- Kervens was the only one from his class to survive when the earthquake hit his classroom. He lost his leg, but is grateful to God and COTN's partners like you for saving his life and investing in his restoration.

Sadwin - Sadwin was at home doing homework when the earthquake hit. As she ran outside she was hit by pieces of a collapsing house.

Jordani - Jordani was hit by a falling block of cement during the earthquake, which landed on him, breaking his leg.

Anderson - Anderson was in school during the earthquake; the building collapsed on him, burying him under the rubble.

Inside the Tent - Get a look inside a "tent city" home with COTN founder Chris Clark. When it rains, the tent floods and they have to stand up or sit on buckets all night to keep out of the water.

Mirror, Mirror - COTN founder Chris Clark shows us how three young women prepare for church after being relocated to a tent city.

Microfinance - Anderson's mother lets us know how she has been able to provide for her family thanks to partners like you, and what her hopes are for the future.