I Love Baseball

A program of Children of the Nations

Young men receive baseball training and an education through the ILB program.

The vision of COTN's I Love Baseball® (ILB) program is to give Dominican youth a place where they can pursue their dream of playing professional baseball while still getting an education, living a balanced life socially, building strong moral character, and growing mentally, physically, and spiritually.


Young men in our program practice baseball for half of the day, eat a nutritious meal at midday (for most, their only full meal of the day) and attend school during the remainder of their day. Each player is required to maintain at least an 80 percent average in each class, meet with local community mentors, and attend a weekly Bible study in order to continue participating in the program.


The goal of I Love Baseball® is to improve the future for young men in the Dominican Republic by encouraging them to pursue an education in addition to their baseball training.


By having a well-rounded, balanced experience in the ILB program, we believe these young men will have confidence in knowing that success in baseball is not their only option for success in life.


You can give a monthly or one-time gift toward the ILB program right here.

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I Love Baseball from Joanna Harmon on Vimeo.