Pueblo Nuevo

Dominican Republic

Pueblo Nuevo is a situated in the “lata” (poorest) part of the city of Barahona, where for years it has been forgotten by the government and political representatives.  Its population consists of more than 500 Dominican families.  The community lacks electricity and water, forcing families to walk two kilometers to get a drink.  They lack many other basic necessities for survival as well.  Before Children of the Nations (Niños de las Naciones, as we are known in the Dominican Republic) began ministering to this village, the closest school was three kilometers away.  In order to attend, the children had to walk, which was dangerous, and therefore parents were not inclined to have their children make the trek to school.  There are few employment opportunities in this area, and the majority of youth dedicate themselves to various forms of delinquency: drugs, robbery, violence, etc.

In 2008, Children of the Nations and our partners constructed a two-room schoolhouse to meet the needs of the preschool and primary school-aged children in our Pueblo Nuevo Village Partnership Program. The youngest and most vulnerable children now have a safe learning environment that is close to home. These children receive daily meals and strong Christian mentorship in addition to a good education at the school. We plan to expand the school to serve older children in the near future, as funding allows.


Pueblo Nuevo Village Partnership Program Detail
Our Village Partnership Program in Pueblo Nuevo is a community-based ministry that provides a coming-alongside sort of partnership with the community leaders to provide training, education, spiritual encouragement, and resources empowering them to raise their children and reach their goal of self-sustainability. Working through the local village leadership of Pueblo Nuevo, Children of the Nations continually assesses the unique needs of this community, updating programs and strategizing to best meet these needs.

Initial Assessed Needs:

  • Limited access to education
  • No electricity or access to clean water
  • High rate of gang activity

Date Village Partnership Program launched:


Number of children currently enrolled in program:


Programs/Services currently provided: