Vocational Skills Center

Overview: Equipping children for the future

Each child is gifted with a unique set of talents, passions, and desires. For those more suited or desiring to enter a skill-based vocation, Children of the Nations (COTN) seeks to provide them with the training and education they need to succeed.  Enrollment at the Vocational Skills Center is also available to young adults who, for various reasons, missed out on educational opportunities as children, as well as parents of children in our programs.  COTN recognizes the value of equipping these adults with vocational skills to be self-sufficient and properly able to provide for their families, as the children in their care will directly benefit.  
Opportunity: Invest in skills training for children and their parents
We have the great opportunity to provide hope for children and adults alike who dream of a better future.  Their dreams have led COTN to build and operate a Skills Center in the impoverished Barahona region of the Dominican Republic.  The skill-based, vocational education program is designed to assist those who are willing and driven to achieve their maximum potential.  Our goal is to provide well-rounded opportunities by teaching in areas such as English as a Second Language, baking, sewing, computer skills, computer repairs, and much more.
For 2012, we expect approximately 300 children and adults to participate in our skills training program. Teachers, equipment, facilities and more are required to make these dreams reality.  Please join is in supporting the adventures and successes that are awaiting our children.
Goal:  Empower children with lifelong skills for self-sustainability  
Children are the leaders of tomorrow.  By providing hope and opportunities to these children, our goal is to empower them to grow up to be leaders that will transform their communities and, ultimately, their nation.