Medical/Dental/Surgery Center

Barahona, Dominican Republic

Located in downtown Barahona, adjacent to our Barahona Ministry Center, our Medical/Dental/Surgery Center is staffed and operated by our Dominican staff. The facility enables our local physicians and medical center staff to offer daily care to the children in our programs, as well as low-cost medical services to the people of the greater Barahona area. In addition, the center allows Venture Program medical teams of physicians, surgeons, dentists, and nurses to provide on-going medical and dental care for the impoverished people we serve.

The medical facility consists of a reception area/waiting room, two operating rooms, a procedure room, and a separate dental clinic. Common surgical procedures include hernia repair, tonsillectomies, plastic surgery, scar revision, gynecology, and limited orthopedic procedures. Visiting family practitioners are able to conduct health clinics and immunization programs. Dental teams provide basic care, including evaluations, restorations, and extractions, as well as sealants and additional prophylactic care. Individuals with no medical background may assist in registration and recovery as needed.

Medical teams from the USA, Canada, and the UK are welcome to join or coordinate trips through our Venture Program