Chichere Farm

Mchinji, Malawi

Every year Children of the Nations feeds thousands of children besides those in our programs, and every year there are more people than there is food.

In 2007, when Children of the Nations was presented with the opportunity to purchase Chichere Farm, we immediately recognized the potential that this farm could offer—providing food for our children and at the same time generating an income to alleviate total dependence on partners for support of our feeding centers.

Chichere Farm (pronounced chee-CHAIR-ee), is a 350-acre working farm located just outside the town of Mchinji, near Malawi's border with Zambia. It is nestled at the base of a mountain and is enclosed by a river, which provides year-round water, a luxury in drought-ridden Malawi.

Besides 80 crop-ready acres, the farm contains hundreds of acres of natural pasture and forestland perfect for grazing livestock, and a home for some of our children and staff. The farm includes an irrigation system, barns, staff and guest housing, and farm machinery. 

Since 2008, each harvest has produced a bounty. Crops include maize (corn), potatoes, sunflowers, cassava, onions, oranges, tangerines, and bananas. We also raise some livestock.