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Your generous gift to this fund is one of the most helpful gifts you can give, as it will be applied to the area of greatest need.

By giving where it's most needed, you're making it possible to feed, clothe, educate, and care for children like Flavia in Uganda.

Flavia’s parents died when she was just a little girl. So she went to live with her grandmother.

“Each day had its own struggle, and my life was very miserable,” Flavia recalls. “I faced each day with no hope of eating anything; food was just a miracle in our home.”

But today, thanks to the generosity of people like you, Flavia no longer has to beg for food. “I’m excited about what COTN has done in my life because physically I’m healthy,” she says. “I’m also happier because I don’t have to worry about my school fees.”

Your generous donation today will help provide food, education, and more for many, many children like Flavia.

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