UG/MA July 2019 - Business Connection Trip

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Fri, 2019-07-19 - Wed, 2019-08-14
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The goal of introducing this Business Connections Program is to connect COTN students with global leaders who can provide authentic, impactful, college level curriculum and mentoring in business management and entrepreneurship. The Business Connections Program will be a training/mentoring option for students that have successfully completed the Life Launch program and/or have completed at least one year at University. It will encourage and equip these students with the character, skills and knowledge to start new enterprises and to manage existing ones.

Who Should Go?

By invitation from Cheryl Cuthbertson.

Here are the steps to apply for this trip:
1. Login or create a new account with
2. Return to this page and click on the "Apply Today!" link
3. Fill out the application

Minimum: $1.00
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