“Food was Just a Miracle in Our Home”: Flavia’s Story

Perhaps it’s no surprise that Flavia’s favorite story from the Bible is Job. Flavia’s own trials started early. Her parents died when she was very young. So she lived with her grandmother in a small village in Uganda. 

Andrew’s Story: “I No Longer Cry at Night but Sing Psalms in My Heart”

Andrew vividly remembers his life before COTN: “I could see my mom toiling hard for us, and this would break my heart because I knew she will not go far like that with us. And somehow, I wanted to join hands with her and help her do anything, even if it made no sense, but [I] just wanted to show her that it would be well with us. Yet at night, I would get in bed and weep so bitterly about myself and my sister’s future.”

Uganda University Fund UG-UNV

Give to the COTN University Program in Uganda


Number of Children in Program: 

Sponsors like you are helping students from some of the poorest parts of Uganda receive a high-quality education. Through your sponsorship, young men and women who once had no chance of earning an income and supporting their families are seeing a world of opportunities open up before them. Thank you for providing these opportunities by sponsoring a student.

Our University/Vocational Program has two phases:
Phase One: Gap Year – The gap year gives students practical work experience that prepares them for the next phase of their education. It also gives them a chance to work within COTN in an area of interest, letting them contribute to the ministry in a meaningful way.
Phase Two: Attend University or Vocational School – After completing the gap year, students begin their course of study in school. The length of time they spend in this phase depends on their school and area of study.

Graduates of the University/Vocational Program have already become doctors, teachers, and other professionals. As our children grow up, hundreds more students will enter the program in the coming years.

Benefits/services provided may include: Tuition, room and board, books, materials, travel costs.

Program Description: 
One of the main factors contributing to poverty in developing countries is a lack of education. Young adults who are unable to obtain the knowledge and skills that universities and vocational schools provide are also unable to secure good jobs, provide for their families, and give back to their communities. In Africa, just seven percent of the population continues their education after secondary school. COTN and its partners recognize that well-educated professionals are the people shaping their nations and breaking the cycles of poverty and illness in their families and communities. By sending students in Uganda to vocational schools and universities, COTN seeks to empower young men and women to find their place in the economy, provide for their future families, serve their communities, and raise their nation out of poverty. We have already seen students in other countries graduate from universities and vocational schools, preparing to serve the next generation as doctors, lawyers, teachers, electricians, mechanics, business people, and more. With the skills they’ve learned and the care they’ve received from COTN, we are convinced these students will change the future of their nations. Our current programs include sending students to universities or vocational schools to study public health, accounting, community development, agriculture, economics, and more.
Minimum: $5.00

Select if you would like to give a monthly or one-time donation.

From Homeless Orphan to Teenage Evangelist: Hanna’s Story

“For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.”—John 3:16

Photos from Christmas in Uganda

Christmas was exciting in Uganda!

Photos from Summer Camp in Uganda

In Uganda, the school year goes from February to November, with "summer break" coming in December and January. Last month, in COTN's Anai-Okii Village Partnership Program in Uganda, every sponsored child had the opportunity to attend a special "summer" camp thanks to generous gifts from sponsors. And they had a great time!

How Two Extra Meals Changed Elizabeth's Life

The sun has set in Uganda, and six-year-old Elizabeth is almost done with her chores. She has walked to the river, filled her bucket high with water, and walked home with it carefully balanced on her head. She has taken a portion of this water, poured it into a basin, and bathed her baby cousin.

Her last task of the day is to build a fire. As the flames grow, her family gathers around with hungry eyes. Elizabeth waits to eat her first and last meal of the day


One Month’s Sponsorship of a Child

one month of sponsorship
Provide for unsponsored children

If you’ve ever considered sponsoring a child but weren’t sure about making the long-term commitment, this is the gift for you!

Your gift of $36 will provide one month’s worth of support for a child who does not yet have a sponsor. This includes food, school fees, health care, and more.

Gift catalog purchases come with a free COTN card, which you can print and send to your friends and family.

Microenterprise for Students

Help a student start their own business

Help a student start their own business and provide for their family.

Your gift to the microenterprise fund will provide the tools and teaching necessary to help a young adult start their own business and be the engine of positive change in their local economy. The ripple effects of this gift are far-reaching.

Gift catalog purchases come with a free COTN card, which you can print and send to your friends and family.

School Uniform

School clothes
Describe here

Uniforms are often required for students attending schools in Africa. Without them, children may be turned away from class.

Your gift will help provide school uniforms for students who would not have them otherwise.

Gift catalog purchases come with a free COTN card, which you can print and send to your friends and family.

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