Peace Talks Unsuccessful—Ugandan Rebels Prepare for War

Uganda’s rebel leader, Joseph Kony, is reportedly preparing a new offensive after refusing to sign a peace deal. Diplomats say his Lord’s Resistance Army is forcibly recruiting fresh fighters and acquiring new arms in neighboring countries.

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Uganda Moves toward Peace Deal

Uganda’s government and LRA rebels sign the last in a series of documents ahead of a final peace agreement.

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A New Parcel of Property in Uganda

COTN–UG recently purchased a two-acre parcel of property not far from our ministry site in Lira. Plans for the property include the building of a school and two children’s homes which would allow us to bring an additional 24 orphans into our full-time care. The school would also provide educational opportunities for the children in the surrounding communities. Currently, the closest school is two miles away.

Dedication of our New Children’s Home in Uganda

Last month, COTN founder, Chris Clark and a US Vision Team consisting of COTN–USA staff and individuals interested in partnering with us were honored as special guests at the official dedication of our first children’s home in Lira, Uganda. This home, which provides full-time care to our first twenty-six orphans (ages 4–15) is the first of hopefully many COTN children’s homes in Uganda.

Our First Orphans in Uganda!

We have finally welcomed the first orphans into our Children’s Home in Uganda! Last week, we brought nine children, ranging in age from 5 to 15, into our full-time care. These nine children come from three separate orphan-headed families. Last summer, COTN’s counseling team identified these “child families” as some of the worst-of-the-worst cases.

Full-Time Care to Begin in Uganda

Last month we entered the final stage prior to opening the doors of our first Children’s Home in Uganda. We are awaiting final sign-off from the government! Meanwhile, we are interviewing and hiring necessary staff (house parents, cooks, etc.) and furnishing our homes, readying them for our children.

Trauma Counseling in Barlonyo and Abia IDP Camps

In the month of September 2007, we carried out counseling sessions in two different displacement camps, Barlonyo and Abia camps. We traveled there daily throughout the week to do counseling as well as help identify orphaned and destitute children, especially those from child-headed households who could be admitted into our COTN–Uganda children’s home.

Feeding Uganda’s Children

For the past two decades, Uganda has served as the stage for a civil war between the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the Ugandan government—innocent civilians cast as the involuntary “extras” in this real-life nightmare. As this war has raged on, thousands of children have been abducted by the rebel soldiers who have subjected them to torture or sexual violence, and turned them into child soldiers (many as young as eight or nine) conscripting them by force into their violent army.

It's Not About Me

[Nancy Kilpatrick is a nurse from York, Maine, who first visited Africa in 2005 as part of a COTN Venture Team to Malawi. She returned to Malawi in 2006, leading her own medical team. Sensing God’s call to go to Uganda, Nancy became a member of a COTN trauma counseling team that ministered to children and adults living in displacement camps in Lira, Uganda in June 2007. The following is a post-trip reflection on our ministry in Uganda and her role in it.]

Lira, Uganda—News from the Field

Greetings from Lira, Uganda! It is so good to be back here—to feel the embrace of the Ugandan staff and to see some of the children and adults in the camps that we left behind. There were tears of joy and hugs as we were warmly welcomed to our home here. Ed met his namesake, Little Ed or “Hed” as they call him here! It is such a joy to see the work of God in the lives of the people that we met last year.

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