Staff Spotlight – Jimmy Mao, COTN–Uganda Chief Driver

Jimmy Mao is fluent in nine different languages. He has thirteen years of civil engineering experience. He has adopted thirteen children. While impressive, these numbers only begin to tell the inspirational story of Jimmy Mao, the Chief Driver for Children of the Nations (COTN) in Lira, Uganda. Through years of civil war in his country and LRA terrorist attacks on his home and his family, Jimmy has learned that his survival and livelihood have always been in God’s hands.

Summer Medical Ministry Update

I left northern Uganda last year burdened with the knowledge that these amazing people have indeed been wounded. Not just emotionally, but physically as well. The internal trauma caused by the decades-long struggle against the Lord’s Resistance Army competed with external sores and scars. The treatment area was always lined with rows of children five or six deep, and both time and supplies were limited.

Summer Counseling Update

Last summer as I left Uganda, I prayed that God would continue healing the deep wounds of the children involved in the counseling groups. At Barlonyo camp my translator, Jane, and I led a counseling group under a tree for a few hours each day for five days. After the group I was able to see changes in the girls that I hoped would last. I especially worried about two special little girls who had little hope in their eyes.

The JESUS Film - An Update

The JESUS film ministry remains strong in Uganda. Large outdoor screenings continue in rural communities and we have recently begun to screen the JESUS film in schools. Last month, we showed the film in three secondary schools in the Lira area, registering 229 students who turned to Christ!

Exchange Students from Around the World Visit COTN

Last month the Aspect Foundation (a nonprofit organization that facilitates international student exchange programs) from Port Orchard, Washington brought a group of students to COTN in Silverdale, Washington to present fifty SmilePacks they had recently assembled. The students represented several different countries, including Morocco, India, Ukraine, and Jordan.

News from our Children in Uganda

We recently received an update on our twenty-six children in Uganda. Last fall we opened our first children’s home in Lira, Uganda and welcomed twenty-six orphans into our full-time care. Last month was characterized by many successes, though we’ve received reports of a few challenges as well.

Peace Talks Unsuccessful—Ugandan Rebels Prepare for War

Uganda’s rebel leader, Joseph Kony, is reportedly preparing a new offensive after refusing to sign a peace deal. Diplomats say his Lord’s Resistance Army is forcibly recruiting fresh fighters and acquiring new arms in neighboring countries.

Read the full story

Uganda Moves toward Peace Deal

Uganda’s government and LRA rebels sign the last in a series of documents ahead of a final peace agreement.

More information available on the BBC website.

A New Parcel of Property in Uganda

COTN–UG recently purchased a two-acre parcel of property not far from our ministry site in Lira. Plans for the property include the building of a school and two children’s homes which would allow us to bring an additional 24 orphans into our full-time care. The school would also provide educational opportunities for the children in the surrounding communities. Currently, the closest school is two miles away.

Dedication of our New Children’s Home in Uganda

Last month, COTN founder, Chris Clark and a US Vision Team consisting of COTN–USA staff and individuals interested in partnering with us were honored as special guests at the official dedication of our first children’s home in Lira, Uganda. This home, which provides full-time care to our first twenty-six orphans (ages 4–15) is the first of hopefully many COTN children’s homes in Uganda.

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