Cooking Pot and Utensils


Stirring can be very difficult without a spoon. And how can you cook a meal without a pot? Your gift will ensure that our staff can meet the daily nutritional needs of the thousands of children in our care by providing the equipment necessary to prepare each meal.

Gift catalog purchases come with a free COTN card, which you can print and send to your friends and family.

Farm Tools

Farming is an essential skill in much of Africa, and it requires the right kinds of tools to produce the best results. Our agricultural projects not only produce much-needed food for the children, but provide opportunities to train them with skills they can use to tend their own farms for their families and their future. 
Your gift will provide for crucial farming tools such as a shovel, hoe, or rake.

Gift catalog purchases come with a free COTN card, which you can print and send to your friends and family.

Seeds and Tools for a Family


In poor villages in Africa, often the only way parents can provide for their children is by growing their own food.

Some of the food can be eaten by the family, while some is sold to provide income to meet the children’s needs.

That’s why your generous gift of seeds and tools is so valuable.

In addition, when you give a family seeds and tools for farming, the children will learn how to do farm work, which will help them provide for their own families in the future.

Please equip a family with seeds and tools for farming today.

Gift catalog purchases come with a free COTN card, which you can print and send to your friends and family.



Give two chickens and help a family jumpstart their own small animal farm! 

Chickens, like other farm animals, are some of the most valuable gifts you can give to a child in Africa or the Caribbean.

Chickens are a staple source of protein in these regions. They require very little food and space to grow. 

Chicken eggs are another excellent source of protein, and they can be eaten or sold. Fertilized eggs hatch into more chicks, making this a self-renewing resource.

Gift catalog purchases come with a free COTN card, which you can print and send to your friends and family.

Move-In Day in Uganda—Our Children's Village Opens!

It's official! Our Uganda Children's Village is officially open! After months of construction, our first seven children's homes—Phase I of our Uganda Children's Village project—are complete.

Classrooms Under the Trees in Uganda

Everyone wanted to watch the construction.

Construction of Children of the Nations' (COTN’s) Children’s Villages in Uganda is now complete—final preparations are underway to furnish the homes and relocate our children. But during this past summer, when construction was at its peak, the children from the surrounding villages loved watching every minute of it!

Meeting Santa in Uganda

Last January, Jeff Lander, COTN–USA Venture Team Manager, went with a team to Children of the Nations’ (COTN's) Children’s Village

A Child's Story - Hannah Abwot of Uganda

Hannah’s name means “I have survived.” Her life testifies about the endurance and hope that God has given by delivering this twelve-year-old girl to where she is today. Before coming to Children of the Nations (COTN), life was hard for Hannah. She was not in school and was without food and clothes. She lived in Bata Dokolo with her grandfather, who was her only remaining relative. Each day she had no choice but to walk long distances on foot to get water. During the day, she worked as an unpaid babysitter in the village.

General Education Fund EDUCATION

Provide for the preschool education of children in Africa and the Caribbean

Thank you for giving a child the chance to attend preschool!

Education is a priceless gift, and the fruit it bears continues on for generations. By providing children with this gift, you will inspire and empower them to become the leaders of tomorrow. Through your support, you will not only change a life, you will change the future of entire communities and nations.


Select if you would like to give a monthly or one-time donation.

Finding A Place To Belong In Uganda

The incredible work of the Lord’s hand is evident in Uganda. Brick by brick, the new Children of the Nations Children’s Village is rising out of the landscape. On a beautiful piece of land in the village of Anai-Okii, just outside Lira, three of seven children's homes are near completion. Each of the seven homes contains enough space for a kitchen, dining room, a children’s room and a room for the house mother.

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