A Child's Story - Hannah Abwot of Uganda

Hannah’s name means “I have survived.” Her life testifies about the endurance and hope that God has given by delivering this twelve-year-old girl to where she is today. Before coming to Children of the Nations (COTN), life was hard for Hannah. She was not in school and was without food and clothes. She lived in Bata Dokolo with her grandfather, who was her only remaining relative. Each day she had no choice but to walk long distances on foot to get water. During the day, she worked as an unpaid babysitter in the village.

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Finding A Place To Belong In Uganda

The incredible work of the Lord’s hand is evident in Uganda. Brick by brick, the new Children of the Nations Children’s Village is rising out of the landscape. On a beautiful piece of land in the village of Anai-Okii, just outside Lira, three of seven children's homes are near completion. Each of the seven homes contains enough space for a kitchen, dining room, a children’s room and a room for the house mother.

First Uganda Education Team Returns!

Our first-ever teaching team arrived in Uganda during the first week of August! The team was led by Connie Lander of Silverdale, Washington. Connie was accompanied by nine other teachers and a counselor, including COTN's Director of Education, Wendy Brown, all from Washington and Oregon, to train, equip, work and walk alongside fellow teachers in northern Uganda. "Several of the teachers that attended came by bicycle or motorcycle from outlying communities," says Wendy Brown. "It was encouraging to see such interest as well as commitment."

Construction Continues on Our Uganda Children's Village

Thanks to local contractors and laborers and even Children of the Nations Venture Program participants, construction continues on our Uganda Children's Village in Lira. The homes are literally rising up out of the red African soil!

Phase I, which includes the first seven Children's Homes and the first school block is scheduled for completion this summer.

Team from Real Life Church Departs for Uganda

A Venture Team from Real Life Church (RLC) in Valencia, California departed last week for Uganda. Among their many planned activities, the team of eight, led by Brandon Beard, Life Groups Pastor at RLC, will be participating in the construction of our Uganda Children's Village.

"Bringing people together in their neighborhood to build community, reach out to others, and serve together is the best part of my role at RLC," shared Brandon. What an exciting thing that he is taking that same passion for serving, reaching out, and building communities...all the way to Uganda!

Uganda Children's Village - Construction Update

Not quite a month into construction, our Uganda Children's Village is literally rising up out of the red dirt of Lira, Uganda!

The boundaries are set, trenches dug, foundations poured, and now construction workers are mid-way through the 2 - 3 week process of tediously molding Hydraform blocks (interlocking dry stacked soil/cement blocks) using a hydraulic block making machine. It is estimated that 15,000 blocks will be needed to complete the first three Children's Homes.

Uganda Children's Village Update!

James Okori, COTN–UG Operations and Communications Manager, assisted by Hudson Ongura, COTN–UG Sponsorship Coordinator, is leading the construction committee that will oversee our Uganda Children’s Village. “We have finally identified a construction engineer after selective bidding,” says James Okori, “and now the only thing left to do is sign the contract, which will hopefully be done this week!”

A Child's Story - Olivea Auma of Uganda

Olivea Auma is fifteen years old and comes from the village of Kot-Omor. Her father died in 2002 during a rebel attack, and her mother passed away in 2004, leaving her alone to do the best she could to raise her younger brother.

A Child’s Story - Denis Omara of Uganda

"Before I came to COTN", says 12-year-old Denis Omara, one of the children currently living in our temporary Children’s Home in Lira, "my life in the village was full of fear of the rebels, as we would be running all the time, sleeping in the bush. At times rain would fall on us. I was always dirty and couldn't bother to keep myself clean," he remembers. "Our family couldn't get enough food to feed us. Because of this, we resorted to fishing, which barely was able to sustain our family."

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