Welcome New Children in Uganda!

Praise God! Our Uganda Children’s Village has grown! On March 16, the children in our full-time residential program received more than two dozen new brothers and sisters.

After months of preparation, twenty-eight Ugandan children have just entered our full-time care, bringing the total number of children to fifty-seven. The children live in six of the seven houses in our Children’s Village. (The seventh house is being used as an on-site administrative office.)

A Child's Story - Lucky Adongo of Uganda

Lucky Adongo has a gift for storytelling, which is obvious by the lively five-year-old’s excitement to talk to everyone. Like most girls her age, she also loves playing with her friends.

Anai-Okii Village Partnership Program In Uganda Begins!

Join us in rejoicing over the launch of Uganda’s Village Partnership Program! Children of the Nations (COTN) began its partnership with Anai-Okii—a small village ten minutes’ drive from our Lira Ministry Center in Lira, Uganda’s capital in January, 2010.

A Clean Water Source in Uganda!

It only took one day to drill, but it’s made the difference of a lifetime.

The new well at COTN's Uganda Children’s Village near Lira, Uganda was drilled and completed this past September, before the children moved into the homes.

“This is a dream come true for us, and the village,” said Pastor James Okalo, COTN–Uganda Country Director.

A Marriage and Family Seminar in Uganda

When Doug and Loree Nelson of Silverdale, Washington went to Uganda last year through Children of the Nations' Venture Team program, they knew they’d return. But they wanted to do something more specific on their second trip—what could they share with the Uganda people involved with COTN? When one of the COTN–Uganda staff members found out that the Nelsons had recently done premarital counseling for a young couple, he suggested they bring the same topics to Uganda.

A Child's Story - Rose of Uganda

Rose likes to sing and dance. Her sweet, genuine smile gives away the fact that she has many friends. In fact, that’s one of the things she loves most about school: her friends. “And my teachers are good,” she adds. Reading and writing are two subjects that Rose excels in—next year, she’ll be promoted to Primary Class 2. “I want to be a teacher,” the seven-year-old says proudly.

JESUS Film Reaches Hundreds in Uganda

The JESUS film is an incredible tool for ministry. It powerfully and dramatically depicts the life of Christ and his atoning sacrifice on the cross. Children of the Nations’ Uganda staff uses this tool to minister to many of the villages near our ministry center in Lira.

One Month's Child Sponsorship


In each of our countries there are many, many children enrolled in our programs who are not yet sponsored. It is our goal that each child, sponsored and unsponsored, will receive all the benefits our programs have to offer: education, daily nutrition, medical care if necessary, etc. Your gift will provide for one month's sponsorship for an unsponsored child.

Gift catalog purchases come with a free COTN card, which you can print and send to your friends and family.

Microfinance Fund


This innovative program focuses on developing sustainable opportunities, empowering families to climb out of poverty. Through small loans, parents of children enrolled in our Village Partnership programs will have the opportunity to receive training and start small businesses, enabling them to provide for their families and build a better life for their children. Your one-time gift can help so many people!

Gift catalog purchases come with a free COTN card, which you can print and send to your friends and family.

Microfinance Fund


Gift catalog purchases come with a free COTN card, which you can print and send to your friends and family.

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