Photos from Your Child's Christmas Party in Uganda

Thanks to you, COTN children across the globe have been able to have Christmas parties this year. Today, we are excited to share photos from Christmas celebrations at COTN–Uganda.

The Healing Power of Compassion

Sick children can carry deep emotional pain with their illnesses: feelings of shame, uselessness, and loneliness. It takes a special kind of person to help heal both emotional and physical pain.

Updates: Car Accident in Uganda

On December 27 in Lira, Uganda, there was a car accident involving a COTN child named Lydia and the family of Pastor Johnson Enamu from Truth Evangelistic Fountain Church, a COTN partner.

Lydia survived but suffered head injuries and was unconscious for three hours.

Sadly, the rest of the people in the car were killed. Please pray with us for Pastor Johnson's family, Lydia, and everyone who has been affected by this tragedy in Uganda. 


***Please see below for the latest updates as they unfold***

(UG) Scholarship Fund for Delight Enamu

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On Dec. 27, 2017, COTN partner Johnson Enamu, who was the lead pastor of Truth Evangelistic Fountain Church West (COTN-Uganda Country Director James Okalo Ekwang is also a pastor at TEFC) was driving back from a prayer time with his family in a nearby city and collided with a big truck that was parked wrongly in the middle of the road.

Minimum: $5.00

Photos from Your Child's Camp in Uganda

In Uganda, “summer” camp doesn’t happen until December, when the children's school year ends. From December 6 through 9, COTN-Uganda children went to camp to have fun and get closer to God.

(UG) Computer Lab Furnishings

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COTN-Uganda is excited to move forward with plans of a computer lab for Marani Honors High School. Currently, our students are leaving secondary school without learning even basic computer skills.

But once our children enter university, they are expected to know how to use a computer to research and write papers. In addition, the secondary curriculum for Uganda does identify computer classes as an important part of secondary education. However, we can’t complete this part of the government curriculum because we don’t have the resources needed.

Minimum: $5.00

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Wordless Wednesday: Adorable Photos of Children with Animals

Who doesn’t love cute animal photos? We sure do!

And at COTN, animals like goats, cows, pigs, rabbits, and chickens aren’t just photographic opportunities. They’re also an important part of keeping our children strong and healthy and teaching them skills that will allow them to care for themselves and be a blessing to others.

Thank You for the Field Trip of a Lifetime!

Fifty COTN–Uganda students recently went on a three-day field trip (called a “study tour”). These students were in P7 (the last year of primary school), and this trip taught them about different career paths, natural science, and Ugandan history. The trip also helped prepare them for their big, end-of-year exam.

“I Think This Girl is Going to Change the Future of Uganda”: Monica’s Story

Kristen Marks, COTN’s Uganda liaison, says, “You know those people who you’re just really impressed by, and the more you get to know them and the more you see them in action, the more impressed you are by them? Monica is one of those people for me, but the thing about Monica is she’s a 16-year-old girl.”

How Well Do You Know Uganda? (Fun Quiz)

1. What is the name of Uganda's capital city? 
a. Nairobi
b. Kigali
c. Dodoma
d. Kampala
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