Ritah Finds Hope and a Home through Sponsorship

Ritah’s life was a challenge before she even opened her eyes. Her father died of malaria before she was born, leaving Ritah with only her mother for support and protection in her Ugandan village. Five years later, Ritah’s mother also passed away, and Ritah went to live with her aunt.

Christmas Photos from Uganda

The children in Uganda had a great Christmas, thanks to you! At our Uganda Children’s Homes, we had a special party with a Christmas meal, cake, and other sweet treats. The children also took time to pray and thank God for all He has blessed them with throughout the past year.

The children in our Anai-Okii Village Partnership Program celebrated Christmas with gifts of clothing and laundry soap, thanks to their sponsors. "For an African child, new clothes for a day like Christmas means a lot," says Hadrine Akullo, one of our Uganda staffers. "And they were really excited, as you can tell from the pictures." 

Uganda Medical Fund

Provide medical care for children in Uganda

Your gift to the Uganda medical fund will help provide for the medical needs of impoverished children in Uganda. Thank you! 

Minimum: $5.00

Select if you would like to give a monthly or one-time donation.

Camp Photos from Uganda

The school year in Uganda runs from February to December, so the children in this equatorial country didn't have their "summer" camp until just recently. 

For the children in our care, camp was like an early Christmas present. Thank you to all of you who sponsor children in Uganda, for making this fun celebration possible! Enjoy the photos! 

Children in Uganda Enjoy Writing Their Own Books

Second-grade student Pasca eagerly walks to her teacher’s house. She can’t wait to start writing a new book this week. Teacher Lindsey, as she’s affectionately called by the children in the Uganda Children’s Homes, will be there waiting with freshly stapled colored paper, just like she is every Tuesday afternoon. 

Int'l Development - Physical Care Fund GEN_PHYS

Provide for the health and medical needs of children in Africa and the Caribbean

A big part of meeting our children's physical needs is caring for their health. Better health means children can become better students, have a better quality of life, and grow up with better chances to transform their communities and nations.

Your gift will not only be used to directly help children with a special or extraordinary medical need, but also to develop sustainable clinics and a health education program for all of the countries COTN serves.

Thank you for raising children who transform nations!

Minimum: $5.00

Select if you would like to give a monthly or one-time donation.

God Can Lift the Rejected Child: Morris’ Story

It wasn’t long after Morris’ father passed away that his mother reached the end of her rope. Seven-year-old Morris woke up one morning to find his mother’s dead body on the floor of their home. Grief-stricken and paralyzed by the fear of not being able to provide for her children, she had taken her own life.

Just in Time for Thanksgiving: Ugandan Potatoes

This is a special recipe. Although it’s not a traditional Ugandan dish, this recipe was created for COTN by a culinary class at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management in Orlando, Florida, and designed around local, affordable ingredients that can be found in Uganda. 

God Is Gracious to Everyone: Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth was just a small child when a neighbor poisoned her father after a land dispute. After his death, Elizabeth’s mother decided she had no other option than to return to her family in another village. Elizabeth was left in the care of her father’s mother and clan elders in Kakoge, a small village in Uganda. There is little access to electricity or clean water in this area.

Uganda Package

Help a girl in Uganda stay in school

In Uganda, girls are often forced to stay home from school to do chores or babysit. What little resources a family has for school are usually spent on boys. Lack of supplies like feminine hygiene products can also cause girls to miss weeks or months of school every year. 

Your gift will empower a girl to finish her education. 

Gift catalog purchases come with a free COTN card, which you can print and send to your friends and family.

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