Toolkit for Vocational Students

Toolkit for vocational students
Help send a student to vocational school to learn a trade

Help a student learn a life-changing trade. Your gift helps provide tuition, room and board, school supplies, and more.

Gift catalog purchases come with a free COTN card, which you can print and send to your friends and family.

Help a University Student

University student
Help send a university student to school

Knowledge is power! Provide tuition, room and board, textbooks, school supplies, and more, as needed, for young men and women who are working to become leaders in their communities and nations.

Gift catalog purchases come with a free COTN card, which you can print and send to your friends and family.


child wearing a backpack
Give a child a backpack!
Give a student a reliable backpack to safely carry their books and supplies to and from school. 


Gift catalog purchases come with a free COTN card, which you can print and send to your friends and family.

Ugandan Children Take a Trip to the Source of the Nile River

Uganda is a beautiful country, full of historical and natural landmarks, including the source of the Nile River and Lake Victoria, the largest lake on the continent of Africa. 

But most of our students have never traveled much further than walking distance from their village and our school. That's why it's become a tradition for COTN's seventh-grade class to take a study tour. Come see the sights of Uganda with them as you enjoy these pictures!

Photos from Center Day in Uganda

The school year goes from February to December in Uganda, and classes run through the summer. Children will attend "summer" camp in December, when their break begins. 

But meanwhile, the summer months are packed with visiting Venture teams, and plenty of excuses for fun. One of our traditions in Uganda is to hold "Center Day," a day of performances, games, and learning that the whole community is invited to enjoy. 

Being a Spiritual Parent to Children All Over the World

Having children was a struggle for my wife and me. When we were finally able to conceive, it was a huge answer to prayer. I think because of this—and I don’t want to say this wrong—but in a way, we have viewed having children with a greater sense of gratefulness than maybe someone who didn’t struggle through the same things as we did. 

You Are the Church

On a recent trip to Malawi and Uganda this past March, I was bestowed the great honor of being a guest speaker at a three-day conference that led up to the grand opening of a new COTN¬Uganda church plant and school chapel.

Photo Journey: Follow the Clarks across Africa

Children of the Nations founders Chris and Debbie Clark are spending some time in Uganda and Malawi this spring. They've had a great time visiting the children and working with COTN's in-country staff to continue providing the best possible care for the children. It's been a busy trip, but such a blessing at the same time.

Chris and Debbie have shared some of the highlights of their journey in the photos below. We hope you enjoy this update from Africa!


Meet Our First Ugandan Secondary Students: Jonathan's Story

Late in the afternoon, a small crowd of children gathers on the side of the road in rural northern Uganda. Their clothes are ratty, their eyes hungry. They lack almost every material thing you and I would consider essential. But there’s one thing they refuse to go without. 

Peter from Uganda Writes about the Arrival of a Shipping Container

On March 6, a shipping container full of food, shoes, Bibles, and other essential supplies arrived at our Uganda ministry site. Shipping to Uganda, a land-locked country, is difficult, but with the help of some key partnerships, we made it. The children were thrilled to help unload the supplies!

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