Sierra Leone

A Child's Story - "Jackson" of Sierra Leone

Dressed in a “Life’s a Beach” T-shirt from a holiday he never took to Hawaii, "Jackson" punches the air with excitement as the DJ skips to the next track. This is "The M68," a youth club run by Children of the Nations (COTN) in Sierra Leone, and the teens are tearing up the dance floor. Jackson does a ridiculous dance around an M68 leader, singing loudly, with his bum sticking in the air.

A Child's Story - Katumu Williams

Katumu Williams was born on a Sunday. 7am on Sunday, April 4, 1992 to be exact. Sixteen years later at 9am on January 27, 2008, also a Sunday, Katumu gave birth to a baby girl of her own, later named Rebecca by "Mama Angie," COTN-Sierra Leone Country Director.

Rabbit Soup In Sierra Leone

Earlier this year, Arlene Raub, Children of the Nations–International Sierra Leone Liaison, introduced an exciting item amongst the list of activities lined up for 2009 in pursuance of the new “ownership concept” being embraced by COTN family members: the “Rabbit Project.” At the first meeting held earlier this year in Sierra Leone, as department heads plotted out the way forward for 2009, they considered the project proposed made by “Aunty” Arlene.

Paying It Forward - Ownership Fever In Sierra Leone

“Ownership Fever” is spreading like wildfire through the Children of the Nations (COTN) family in Banta Mokelleh, Sierra Leone. Since the idea arose the end of the year on the emergence of the global credit crunch, COTN–Sierra Leone staff has been responding positively to the challenge of self-sustainability if an effort to keep the ministry alive.

A COTN Senior Secondary School in Sierra Leone!

Last month, Mr. John Turray, COTN-SL Education Supervisor and principal of the Mallory Jansen Junior Secondary School in Banta, embarked on a task that aims at fast tracking the reduction of high rate of illiteracy in Sierra Leone as well as reduce the burden on already impoverished parents to find senior school for their children in Banta Chiefdom who take and pass the BECCE (Basic Education Certificate Exam).

Andy Chinn - Second Time Around

"I am back to collect what I left behind—my heart," was the opening statement made by Pastor Andy Chinn [of Peninsula Bible Fellowship in Bremerton, Washington] last month at the welcoming program held in his honor at Senehun village in Sierra Leone. It was his second visit to the Banta chiefdom within nine months.

Fati's Story - From Hunger to Hope

As Children of the Nations has ministered in Sierra Leone for over ten years, the faces and names of children suffering from malnutrition have made it very real and personal. COTN strives to provide hope and healing through our Malnourishment Clinic and efforts to educate parents about proper nutrition.

Containers of Hope Arrive in Sierra Leone!

Our children in Sierra Leone were blessed to receive over 15,000 pounds of donated supplies this month! All of the items were provided and shipped by Containers of Hope, a nonprofit organization based in La Habra Heights, California.

The shipment included 660 Love Packs—backpacks stuffed with school supplies, hygiene products, toys, and books. Our children were also happy to receive footballs, toys, boxes of tissues, scarves, jackets, sweatshirts, and even bottled water!

A Child's Story: Julius "Pastor" Amara of Sierra Leone

Julius “Pastor” Amara arrived at Children of the Nations' (COTN’s) Banta malnutrition clinic last summer in the dreadful condition of protein deficiency. After two weeks of care and a high protein diet, little Julius started to come back to life.

Dental Team Visits Sierra Leone

A Venture Team of three people from Independent Bible Church in Port Angeles, Washington traveled to Banta Mokelleh, Sierra Leone from January 9 – 20. The team focused on ministering to our children and the community through dentistry.

Dr. Vern Swenson led the team, conducting over 400 dental exams and 80 surgical procedures, and extracting over 100 diseased teeth. He was assisted and accompanied by Jennie and Dennis Dalman. Dennis served as an agriculture and construction mentor with our Sierra Leone staff.

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