Sierra Leone

COTN Children Teach Villages How to Fight Ebola

After two years of hard work, Alex Amara was ready for the final exam for his Diploma in Community Development last summer. As this 23-year-old who grew up in COTN’s Sierra Leone Children’s Homes sat in the exam hall of Jui Bible College just outside Freetown, the spread of the Ebola virus was intensifying. 

Twenty Years in Sierra Leone

Jason Caldwell reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small memento from one of his first trips to Sierra Leone—a shell from an AK-47. Seventeen years later, he is bringing this remnant of his journey back to the country it came from, as a reminder of God's protection and plan.

    Join Children of the Nations and “Bring Back Hugs” to Ebola Orphans

    Silverdale, Wash. – February 5, 2015 – Nonprofit organization Children of the Nations (COTN) is preparing a home for children orphaned by the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone.

    COTN to Care for Orphans of Ebola

    Imagine watching your entire family die, one by one. 

    (SL) Ebola Orphan Care Center (Marjay Town)

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    Sierra Leone
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    With your help, Children of the Nations (COTN) is preparing to open temporary housing for children orphaned by the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone. 

    Our plan is to renovate the school we own in Marjay Town, on the outskirts of Freetown, and turn it into a home where as many as 50 orphaned children can live for up to one year while we work to reconnect them with relatives. If no relatives can be found for some of the children, they will be welcomed into our Banta Children's Homes in Sierra Leone, where they will continue to receive love and care. 

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      Children of the Nations Helps Provide Homes for Ebola Orphans in Sierra Leone

      Silverdale, Wash. – January 26, 2015 –Children of the Nations (COTN) is preparing to open temporary housing for children orphaned by the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone.

      Christmas Photos from Sierra Leone

      Thank you for making Christmas special for the children in Sierra Leone this year!

      Because of the Ebola outbreak, this Christmas was a little different than usual. Public gatherings are prohibited right now, to prevent the spread of disease, so our children didn't have the parties they normally have.

      Reflecting on My Time in Sierra Leone During the Ebola Outbreak

      Kelly Melton is a Children of the Nations sponsor who traveled to Sierra Leone this fall with a medical aid organization, helping to set up Ebola treatment clinics. She has graciously agreed to share her trip journal, to give you a firsthand view of how the Ebola outbreak is affecting the people of Sierra Leone. Here is an entry from November 19. (You can read Kelly's previous updates here.) 

      Celebrating Christmas Under Quarantine

      Children look forward to Christmas in Sierra Leone. This is the period when relatives who work in other parts of the country and the world come back home to celebrate. It is a time of family reunification. Traditional festivals are held. Marriages are mostly celebrated during the month of Christmas. People save throughout the year to celebrate Christmas. 

      Int'l Development - Physical Care Fund GEN_PHYS

      Provide for the health and medical needs of children in Africa and the Caribbean

      A big part of meeting our children's physical needs is caring for their health. Better health means children can become better students, have a better quality of life, and grow up with better chances to transform their communities and nations.

      Your gift will not only be used to directly help children with a special or extraordinary medical need, but also to develop sustainable clinics and a health education program for all of the countries COTN serves.

      Thank you for raising children who transform nations!

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