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    Washington Families Make Historical Change in Remote Village in Sierra Leone

    SILVERDALE, WA – October 1, 2015 – The latest podcast episode of Beyond the Village is about The Downtown Church--a small church of 150 people--in Bellevue, Wash., that set a goal to raise $225,000 to build the first high school in a remote part of the Sierra Leone jungle. It took a year, but they accomplished their goal!


    “This is one of the most exciting projects I’ve ever seen anywhere, at any organization,” says podcast guest, Fraser Ratzlaff, COTN’s philanthropy manager. 


    Watching My Sponsored Child Graduate from College

    Before 2011, I was unfamiliar with Children of the Nations. But I knew I was called to be involved with an organization whose vision is to pour into the lives of children. So that year, I joined a COTN Venture team headed to Sierra Leone. 

    It Takes a Village to Build a School

    Esther placed her load in the dugout canoe and prayed it wouldn’t sink. Sweat poured down her arms and face as she secured the bricks in the boat.

    Crossing Africa to Achieve a Dream: N'gardy Graduates from College

    Two years ago a young woman who had never even left her country set off on a journey across Africa. Her goal was to earn a college degree—an accomplishment both rare and difficult where she comes from. The path she took to get there certainly wasn’t typical. But then again, no former orphan girl from a remote village in Sierra Leone who earns a college degree could be called typical. 

    A Miracle and a Shared Name Link Two Lives on Opposite Sides of the World

    What happens when a baby born deep in the jungle of Sierra Leone is named after you? A few things: great honor and joy, a new sense of responsibility, and two lives on opposite ends of the globe that are now tied together in an amazing yet complicated way. 

    Life Launch

    Provide young adults with the tools and skills they need for independent living

    Life Launch is a multi-step process that prepares COTN's older children for adulthood and independent living.

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    High School Completion Ceremonies

    Help provide a special ceremony and gift for students completing high school

    Children of the Nations is hosting celebration ceremonies for students finishing high school. These will include the donning of caps and gowns and the presentation of a gift for each student. 

    Your gift of $60 today will give students the chance to celebrate their academic achievement with a special ceremony and gift.

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    With Ebola Fading, Students Return to School in Sierra Leone

    After almost 10 months of school closure due to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, schools across Sierra Leone re-opened today. Though the government has declared it safe enough to begin classes, the threat of Ebola is not completely stamped out in Sierra Leone. The first day of school at COTN was a mix of joy and precaution. Here are some photos from the day:

    Meet Magnus: The Man Leading the Mission to Care for Ebola Orphans

    Twenty years ago, a young man named Magnus Beah stood guard over a warehouse full of furniture, food, and supplies as gunshots rang through the air. His city, Freetown, Sierra Leone, had been overtaken by brutal rebels. Different factions were looting the city, killing everyone in their path. The lucky ones escaped with only an arm cut off. 

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