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The work I do with COTN as the Malawi Country Liaison primarily focuses on facilitating the flow of information between the Malawi country office and the international office located in Silverdale, Washington. This includes regular reports on how the operations in the country are going as well as photos, videos, and stories about major accomplishments and happenings in the lives of the children.

Advocating on behalf of COTN Malawi for their needs in country is also a major responsibility of mine.

In addition, I have the opportunity to train local staff in proposal writing, strategic goal setting, and program design and implementation.

But of course the best part is spending time investing in the children themselves!

Thank you for partnering with COTN by supporting me as a staff member. Your gift will help to offset administrative costs, allowing us to allocate more funds to the in-country programs that directly serve children in need. Thank you for helping to raise children who will transform nations!

If you prefer to donate by check, please go ahead and write "Macias Staff Support" in the memo line and send the check to:

Children of the Nations
P.O. Box 3970
Silverdale, WA 98383

To read more about my work visit: My Blog

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