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Children with special needs face challenges every day. This is especially true in countries like Malawi where is there is little access to specialized care. 
In the past, we have provided services for our special needs children through Venture Trips, when teams of volunteers and experts could travel to the countries we serve in. But because of the pandemic, we haven’t had Venture Trips for most of 2020. This has left a huge gap in the care for these children.  
To address this gap, we need to have camp for our special needs children. During camp, staff will be able to assess the specific needs of each child so their teachers and caretakers will be able to address them. After camp, we want the children to come away with increased self-esteem and the motivation to face their obstacles with determination and positivity.  
Albinism is a rare condition where individuals have no pigmentation in their skin, hair, and eyes. 
Emmanuel is used to being made fun of for his condition. Years ago, it made him hesitant to go away to summer camp. But he went anyways. 
One of the speakers spoke about the love of God, and how they should all show love to their neighbors. He encouraged them to move forward despite the challenges of the past. 
Emmanuel was inspired. He recently graduated after studying public health in Malawi. He wants to make a difference for his family, community, and for other people with albinism. 
With your help, we can empower children like Emmanuel to become the next generation of leaders and changemakers!
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