(MA) Big John's Primary School Electricity Installation

Fundraising Goal: $9,280
Currently Raised: $9,280
Still Needed: $0
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Big John’s Primary School in Malawi has no electricity. During cloudy and rainy days, the classrooms are dark. Students can barely see the chalkboard. 
We need to provide electricity for the eight classrooms, head teacher’s office, and library so our students can learn and grow in a bright classroom. Electricity will also allow teachers and students to use projectors, computers, tablets, and phones as additional tools for learning. 
Primary school plays a key part in a student’s future. Providing electricity will improve the education of 320 students, helping them build a solid foundation for success.
When Tikambechi was young, her father died. Her mother was disabled and couldn’t care for her, so Tikambechi was brought to Children of the Nations in Malawi. There, thanks to her sponsors and partners of Children of the Nations, she was given the opportunity to get an education.
She then got to attend the Women in Science (WiSci) Camp and dreamed of becoming an engineer. 
She says, “I believe that everybody can be anything, and I want to empower women that they can be anything.” 
With your help, more children like Tikambechi can grow up to change Malawi. 


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