(UG) Preschool Playground Equipment

Fundraising Goal: $5,129
Currently Raised: $4,729
Still Needed: $400
= Denotes raised amount
Play is an important part of a child’s learning and development. It improves communication, stimulates early brain development, grows social skills and empathy, and helps children strengthen their relationships with teachers and other children.  
But without playground equipment, children cannot get these benefits. Our preschool children need playground equipment so they can have the best possible learning experience. 
As a child, Mary had low self-esteem and no dreams or hope for her future. She would often have to miss school and wait at home for weeks at a time because her relatives were unable to pay her school fees. 
But everything changed once she became a part of Children of the Nations. She no longer had to worry about missing school because her fees were now paid on time. She had people around her who wanted to her succeed, and it make her want to succeed too.  
Mary is now in her first year at Gulu University and is studying agricultural entrepreneurship and communication management. 
When you help children like Mary get a quality education, they are able to see the value in themselves and in their futures, and they are transformed!
Minimum: $5.00

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