(MA) Start-up Tools for Vocational Graduates

Fundraising Goal: $9,204
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Still Needed: $9,204
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The unemployment rate in Malawi is high. Not all of our hardworking students graduating from vocational school will be able to get a job right after graduation. 
We need to provide tools such as sewing machines, chaffing dishes, toolboxes, and welding machines to the 33 students who graduated vocational school in 2019 and 2020 so they can start their own businesses.
With these tools, our students can begin their independent lives with confidence, earn a living, and even create employment opportunities for others. 
Grace never thought she would become a successful business owner. Surviving was hard enough. Her and her siblings struggled to make ends meet as they were raised by their single mother. 
Then Grace became a part of Children of the Nations. Thanks to generous donations from people like you, she was able to have food, clean water, and an education. 
Grace later went to vocational school, where she trained as a designer. She wanted to open her own tailoring business, but she didn’t have the resources she needed. She started saving money in hopes of one day starting her business. 
Then, through Children of the Nations, she was able to get business training and a loan. Her dream suddenly became possible. She started her own tailoring shop. Grace was able to pay back her loan, send some of her siblings to school, and buy food and supplies for her family. 
By giving these graduates the tools they need to succeed, you can help other young adults like Grace achieve their dreams!
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