Physical Care in Sierra Leone

Imagine what it would be like to get sick and not have access to basic healthcare. This is the reality for many children around the world. Raising children who are physically healthy is essential to raising children who can transform their nations. Your gift will help us give children access to quality medical care and help them grow up to be healthy and happy. 
Why is Your Partnership Needed? 
It is impossible to fight disease without adequate medical care and healthcare infrastructure
Without more support, the children in Sierra Leone will continue to suffer from illnesses that could otherwise be easily prevented
Only 19% of the population has access to soap and water at home
Many children in Sierra Leone are underweight and undernourished
Current Physical Care Efforts:
For most of our children, Children of the Nations’ medical staff and clinics are the primary healthcare services in their community. With your support, we can: 
Give all children in our programs access to quality medical care
Decrease the percentage of children suffering from malnutrition
Provide health-promotion activities such as health education and physical fitness
Provide access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation and hygiene
How You Can Help:
It takes $126,295 to implement the full Sierra Leone physical care strategy in 2020. Your gift to the Sierra Leone Physical Care Fund will provide medical and physical care to children and communities in our sphere of influence. Join us in raising children who transform nations by giving today!
To learn more, contact Ashley Van Brunt, Physical Care Specialist, at (360) 362-1099 Ext. 1403 or
Minimum: $5.00

Select if you would like to give a monthly or one-time donation.

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