(UG) Security Fencing for Campus Solar Power System

Fundraising Goal: $2,988
Currently Raised: $2,988
Still Needed: $0
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The new solar power panels at our campus in Uganda are unprotected. Vandalism and theft are rampart in rural Uganda, so the solar power system is at risk of being damaged.

In a community where electricity often relies on costly generators, solar power is a clean, reliable, and sustainable alternative.

You can ensure our children in Uganda have access to clean, reliable electricity by protecting the solar power system with a fence.

Before the solar power was installed, Simon and other students at Children of the Nations Uganda struggled to study. The sun sets at 6:30 pm all year round in Uganda, and when the generator ran out of fuel, the lights went out.

Now, with the solar power, Simon and his classmates can study anytime they want!

Help make sure that hundreds of children in Uganda have access to reliable energy!

Minimum: $5.00

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