(UG) Solar Power for Children’s Homes and Clinic

Fundraising Goal: $4,706
Currently Raised: $4,806
Still Needed: -$100
= Denotes raised amount
The 60 children at the Children’s Homes in Uganda do not have consistent electricity. And the clinic, which provides healthcare to over 300 children from the community, doesn’t have enough power to run lab equipment. 
Children of the Nations–Uganda recently installed solar at the center of campus. We want to extend that solar power to the Children’s Homes and clinic, replacing their existing power with the newer, more reliable system. 
Susan (name changed to protect her privacy) didn’t know what was wrong with her. She could start shaking at any time, and she had no way to make it stop. Sometimes, she even passed out. 
Susan was rushed to the Children of the Nations clinic, where the nurse on staff suspected she had epilepsy. She referred Susan to a hospital over the next few months, making sure she got the correct medicine and treatment for her condition. Today, Susan doesn’t have to worry about when the shaking will start, all because of the care she received at the clinic.
The clinic in Uganda provides life-saving care without even using a power outlet, but it’s not easy. Solar power would make it much easier for the staff to provide healthcare for hundreds of children like Susan. 
Help provide quality healthcare, study time, and dignity to hundreds of children in poverty!
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