(UG) Mosquito Net Distribution

Fundraising Goal: $1,882
Currently Raised: $510
Still Needed: $1,372
= Denotes raised amount

In Uganda, mosquitos can be life-threatening. They carry diseases like malaria, which causes fever, aches, fatigue, and sometimes more serious complications—even death.

Children with even mild cases of malaria miss school and can fall behind.

Jacklyne loved going to school, but she didn’t have a mosquito net. She kept getting malaria and having to miss school. But when she was given a mosquito net to keep her safe at night, she stopped getting sick and could pursue her education!

Help protect 350 children in Uganda like Jacklyn so they can grow up safe and healthy!

Minimum: $5.00

Select if you would like to give a monthly or one-time donation.

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