(HA) Bellevue Preschool Launch

Fundraising Goal: $46,155
Currently Raised: $0
Still Needed: $46,155
= Denotes raised amount

The children of Bellevue lack quality education. Though private schools exist, many parents cannot afford the fees and tuition to send their children to schools. Even when they can, private schools in Haiti have no government regulation or standards, often of very poor quality with unqualified teachers, high student to teacher ratios, and poor results. Most preschools have limited resources and teaching styles which are not well adapted to this age.

The preschool years are an essential start for academic success. Studies have shown that children who attend quality preschools do better throughout their academic career.

We would like to offer a quality preschool to the children of Bellevue. 27 students will be offered full scholarships, while 18 additional students will pay fees, generating income for operating expenses. This period will be used as an evaluation period for the students with scholarships. Eligible students in their second year of preschool will be entered into the VPP and sponsors recruited to help fund preschool expenses.

Your gifts will help launch this quality preschool in the community of Bellevue.

Minimum: $5.00

Select if you would like to give a monthly or one-time donation.

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