(HA) Bellevue Preschool Launch

Fundraising Goal: $46,155
Currently Raised: $15,864
Still Needed: $30,291
= Denotes raised amount

The children of Bellevue lack quality education. Though private schools exist, many parents cannot afford the fees and tuition to send their children to these schools. Many preschools have unqualified teachers, high student to teacher ratios, limited resources, and poor results.

Studies have shown that children who attend quality preschools do better throughout their academic career.

We would like to launch a quality preschool for the children of Bellevue. 27 students will be offered full scholarships to attend this school.

Steevenson had been sick for months. His mother had brought him to doctors, but he never got better.

You can imagine his mother’s relief when staff members from Children of the Nations visited her home and identified Steevenson to be part of the Village Partnership program in her community. Now, Steevenson comes to COTN’s afterschool every day, where he receives a nutritious meal and holistic care.

Since Steevenson had missed school and critical developments, Children of the Nations volunteers and staff put together special remedial classes for him and several other new children who needed to catch up to grade level. Their investment will allow Steevenson to enter Kindergarten this year, prepared to succeed!

Help provide a quality education to children like Steevenson!

Year One launch $14,864 FULLY FUNDED - THANK YOU!
Year Two $19,488
Year Three $19,971

Minimum: $5.00

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