(DR) Barahona Clinic Business Plan - Year One

Fundraising Goal: $86,304
Currently Raised: $3,324
Still Needed: $82,980
= Denotes raised amount

There are thousands of undocumented Haitian Dominicans in the community of Barahona who don’t have access to healthcare. Our clinic in Barahona makes sure hundreds of marginalized children and families get the healthcare they need.

But the clinic is not self-sustainable—yet. We need to expand our services to patients with insurance. These paying patients will make sure that the most vulnerable members of the community still have healthcare.

By adding a laboratory and pharmacy to the clinic and expanding services to insured patients, the clinic will be fully sustainable by 2025.

Estrella used to suffer from esotropia, or crossed eyes. She struggled to see, she couldn’t focus well in class, and other children teased her. Her family couldn’t afford to take her to a doctor, so it seemed like there was nothing she could do.

Just when her situation seemed hopeless, she was able to get treated by the Children of the Nations clinic. Visiting doctors diagnosed her, made sure she got surgery to correct her vision, and gave her follow-up care. Now Estrella can see!

Will you make sure that the clinic can continue to provide affordable, life-changing medical care to children like Estrella?

Minimum: $5.00

Select if you would like to give a monthly or one-time donation.

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