(DR) Barahona Clinic Business Plan - Year One

Fundraising Goal: $86,304
Currently Raised: $3,324
Still Needed: $82,980
= Denotes raised amount

For two years we have initiated an expansion plan for the Children's Medical Center of the Nations that seeks to expand the physical spaces and coverage of services offered. Part of this plan includes a five-year Business Plan to ensure self-sustainability.

Based upon these plans, our Barahona Clinic and Surgery Center can operate at full capacity when fully equipped with a clinical analysis laboratory.

With the clinic expansion, we can increase the reach of our health services in benefits to a greater number of children, families and communities that will be served satisfactorily, with a competitive offer and humane treatment centered on people. This involves bringing more surgical teams, expanding the current clinic space, and increasing the number of staff members employed by the clinic. As our number of surgical teams & number of Dominican doctors grows, we anticipate seeing improved healthcare for our children and their families.

Your gifts will help our clinic achieve self-sustainability in year five of the Business Plan (2024).

Minimum: $5.00

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