(HA) 2020 Urgent Budget Needs

Fundraising Goal: $33,844
Currently Raised: $45
Still Needed: $33,799
= Denotes raised amount
Political and economic instability over the last two years have had devastating consequences on Haiti’s already vulnerable population. In the fall of 2019, Haiti endured three months of “lock-down” due to violent protests and road blockades. Essential services such water, electricity and health care came to a halt. Aid and investment were suspended, and Haiti’s economy plummeted. 
The UN estimates that the price of basic food supplies has increased 34% over the past year. Gas, communication, and living expenses have increased as well. Supplies are scarce and transportation of materials near impossible. The UN has declared a humanitarian crisis, predicting that 3.7 million people will need urgent food assistance in 2020, a significant increase from 2.6 million people at the end of 2018.  
Through this time, COTN has kept its doors open every day, providing life-changing holistic care to the most vulnerable children. Even during the 3 months when schools were closed, the children came to COTN daily for a meal and lessons. 
This project will also provide for additional staff to give consistent high-quality meals to the children and security at the facility at all times. 
Your gift will ensure that In 2020, we can continue providing the same level of holistic care to the 123 children currently in our care. Thank you for keeping our children safe and healthy!
Minimum: $5.00

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