(HA) 2020 Urgent Budget Needs

Fundraising Goal: $33,844
Currently Raised: $995
Still Needed: $32,849
= Denotes raised amount

Haiti is in a crisis that far precedes the coronavirus pandemic. Political unrest in 2019 brought a three-month lockdown, violent protests, road blockades, school closures, and the rising of food prices.

Haiti’s economy is reeling, and the recent pandemic has only made food and supplies even more expensive. If Children of the Nations is going to continue to provide holistic care to the children in our programs, we need to adjust to the inflated prices.

Isaac (real name changed for privacy) was just two years old with the Children of the Nations staff first met him. He was underweight and lethargic. No one knew what exactly was wrong with him, if it was because of dirty water, poor nutrition, lack of access to healthcare, or something else.

Staff prayed for him and his family, and Isaac got better! He joined Children of the Nations Haiti’s afterschool program—and then the political unrest in Haiti started.

It has become much harder for Isaac’s family to afford food and other basic necessities. Without proper nutrition and hygiene, he could get very sick again.

Will you make sure that Isaac and other children like him in Haiti continue to get the food and care they need in this uncertain time?

Minimum: $5.00

Select if you would like to give a monthly or one-time donation.

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