(UG) Farm Manager Motorbike

Fundraising Goal: $3,832
Currently Raised: $1,300
Still Needed: $2,532
= Denotes raised amount
Our farm in Uganda is very important to the children we serve. But right now, the farm isn’t running efficiently. The farm manager doesn’t have a reliable mode of transportation, so he can’t take care of all the animals and travel to the market to buy and sell goods. 
The farm generates income for our high school and provides a hands-on opportunity for students to learn how to care for cows, chickens, and bees. Some of the students involved in the farm will go on to pursue careers in animal husbandry—the experience they gain at the farm directly impacts their futures. 
But the students will miss out on this hands-on experience if the farm manager doesn’t have transportation. 
Emmanuel was already interested in beekeeping when our farm in Uganda started raising bees, so he was eager to get hands-on experience at school. He was one of the dozens of students who helped tend the bees and harvest honey. That honey was bottled and sold as a source of income for the school, along with eggs, milk, and crafts the students made. 
Emmanuel is well on his way to a career in agriculture—in large part because of the experience he got at the farm. 
Your gift will help more students like Emmanuel gain practical skills they can use in the workforce!
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