(MA) Njewa Campus Energy Upgrade

Fundraising Goal: $25,935
Currently Raised: $0
Still Needed: $25,935
= Denotes raised amount
Our Njewa, Malawi campus needs reliable power. Local utilities provide inconsistent energy. Blackout occur often, causing disruptions for our campus operations. 
We need your help to upgrade the electrical system on the Njewa campus so that it is safe, efficient and reliable, and able to meet all the energy demands of the campus. This includes our school classrooms, dorms, computer lab, cafeteria and refrigeration units, administration building, and guest housing. 
When Jonathan’s mother passed away, he and his siblings no longer had money for pens, pencils, and school books. Just surviving was hard enough, and Jonathan dropped out of school. 
But when Jonathan came to the Children’s Home in Malawi, he regained his hope. He started back at school and began dreaming about his future. Thanks to the technology and education he had access to, Jonathan is now studying information technology in college. 
Providing reliable energy for our Njewa campus will ensure other children like Jonathan have the tools and technology they need to pursue careers in technology in Malawi.
Minimum: $5.00

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