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The Village Partnership Program (VPP) serves over a thousand children living in villages across rural Malawi. VPP Coordinators make routine visits to the children’s homes to make sure that the children’s needs are being met. These homes visits are crucial in assessing each child’s needs.

But there are too many children living across too wide of an area for the coordinators to make these visits on foot. They need motorcycles to travel from home to home.

When Sandram’s father left him and his six siblings, his mother didn’t know what to do. “We lacked every basic necessity in life,” Sandram says.

But that changed when Children of the Nations staff visited Sandram’s family and saw them struggling to survive. “Life started changing because we started getting support like clothes, shoes, and more,” says Sandram.

Sandram is now a university graduate! His mother wonders where he’d be now if Children of the Nations hadn’t seen their family’s needs.

Help more children like Sandram get the holistic care they need to thrive!

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