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Many children in Haiti don’t have a place to go to learn about the Bible. Their churches don’t have a children’s program or pastors trained in ministering to children. Children whose parents aren’t Christians, like many children in our program, have no one to turn to for spiritual guidance and support.

Ernesto, a Dominican man serving as a missionary in Haiti, can be that support. He has special training in children’s ministry and teaching the Bible. He assists with the spiritual care curriculum of the afterschool program and helps local churches grow their children’s ministries.

Sarah lives with her father, stepmother, and half-siblings. But while her half-siblings are loved and respected by their parents, Sarah is treated like a servant. She is part of COTN’s afterschool program, where Ernesto leads prayer, worship, and Bible studies.

Ernesto went out of his way to show Sarah how special she is. The night before Children of the Nations Haiti’s Christmas party, when all the children dress up in their nicest clothes, Ernesto went to her house to give her a dress. He knew she wouldn’t want to come to the party without a dress to wear, and he wanted her to feel included.

Ernesto needs your help to stay in Haiti for another year. Will you make sure children like Sarah have someone who will teach them about the Bible and share God’s love with them?

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