(SL) Ngolala Nursery School

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No child should be turned away from preschool. But each year in Ngolala, Sierra Leone, we have to turn children away because we do not have enough space in our classroom. 
More parents in Ngolala are becoming aware of the importance of preschool education. This encouraging and drastic change is happening at the same time as a huge population increase. 
We need to build a new preschool to meet this growing demand. 
When baby Josephine fell sick, her mother had no idea how to help her. She was severely malnourished, and her mother didn’t have the resources or the knowledge to get her the food she needed. Luckily, her mother brought her to our clinic in Ngolala, where she learned to make a high protein paste and nurse her child back to health. 
At the clinic, her mom learned about our preschool and the importance of early childhood education and nutrition. A few years later, Josephine started preschool. There she received education, a daily nutritious meal, and the opportunity to play.
Because of the preschool, Josephine’s brain and body were able to develop and grow, setting her up for lifelong success. 
Your gift will help more children like Josephine get the care and education they need to rise up and transform their nations!


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