(MA) Waste and Drainage System

Fundraising Goal: $65,883
Currently Raised: $56,683
Still Needed: $9,200
= Denotes raised amount
School should be a safe and comfortable place for children, but the students at International Christian Academy face health hazards every day.
The poor drainage system creates standing rainwater that is a breeding ground for mosquitos. The water supply is erratic and leaves the children vulnerable to infection and disease. Sewage spilling creates unsafe living conditions at the boys’ and girls’ dorms. 
We want to provide a drainage system for our campus in Njewa, including International Christian Academy, that will eliminate standing water and mosquito breeding grounds. It will also include a new septic tank, which will stop the spills and meet the needs of our growing campus, and an upgraded water storage system to ensure consistent water supply. With a consistent water supply, we can reduce contagious diseases that spread when people cannot wash their hands. 
Your gift will improve the health and education of the children on the Njewa campus and empower them to become the next generation of leaders in Malawi!
Minimum: $5.00

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