(SL) Primary School Desks

Fundraising Goal: $4,023
Currently Raised: $500
Still Needed: $3,523
= Denotes raised amount
The old metal desks in our primary school in Sierra Leone need to be replaced. These desks damage the floors, and if a student’s uniform catches on the metal, their clothing rips. 
Early childhood education plays a key role in a student’s future. Providing new, lighter desks will create a safer, distraction-free environment for learning. 
Massah came to Children of the Nations when she was nine-years-old. She had lost her parents, and her older sister had struggled to take care of her. But with the help of her sponsor and generous people like you, she was given food, a loving home, and an education. 
Massah thrived in school. From earning the second-highest scores in her second-grade class to being named the top female applicant for the university program, she was consistently one of the top students in her class. She is now in college, studying communications so she can go into public relations.
Massah says it best: “If you support education in Sierra Leone, your money will not go in vain. Nations are going to be transformed.”
Help improve the primary school so that more children like Massah can excel and grow up to change Sierra Leone!
Minimum: $5.00

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