(SL) Children's Home Freezers

Fundraising Goal: $3,289
Currently Raised: $0
Still Needed: $3,289
= Denotes raised amount
Our Children’s Home in Sierra Leone houses and feeds over 80 children. The Home needs freezers for storing food. Right now, the children’s caregivers have no way to store food for long periods of time. Freezers will make it possible to store meat, fish, and previously prepared meals and desserts. 
The freezers will allow staff to prepare large amounts of food in advance and freeze portions for later. The freezers will also make sure that purchased food lasts as long as possible, reducing waste. Also, Sierra Leone can get very hot. Children can combat the heat with ice water and frozen drinks. 
Your gift will provide nine freezers for the Sierra Leone Children’s Home, allowing food to last longer without spoiling. Thank you for making sure these children stay healthy and safe!
Minimum: $5.00

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