(HA) Sanitation Latrines in Bellevue

Fundraising Goal: $42,305
Currently Raised: $8,878
Still Needed: $33,427
= Denotes raised amount
Children we serve in Haiti often suffer from waterborne diseases and rashes caused by contaminated water. Many of them do not have latrines or toilets in their homes. As a result, the water that these families use for drinking, bathing, laundry, and irrigation is contaminated with waste and disease. 
This project would provide flush toilets for the Bellevue community. 
This toilets, unlike a community latrine (which still allows waste to leech into the groundwater), will keep the water supply clean. It will be available for all members of the community to use, so that the drinking water remains uncontaminated. 
Your gift will ensure that the children we serve in Haiti, and their families, have access to sanitary toilets. You will make sure that their water supply is clean and reduce the risk of waterborne diseases. Thank you for keeping our children safe and healthy!
Minimum: $5.00

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