(UG) Centralized Solar Power (Phase 1)

Fundraising Goal: $80,099
Currently Raised: $80,099
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The Children of the Nations campus in Uganda does not have a consistent power source, and staff must often resort to using a costly generator for power. When the generator runs out of fuel, the children's school lessons are cut short.
Solar power is a clean, reliable energy source that will provide power for the campus for years. 
Phase 1 of this project will provide solar power for the computer lab, the multipurpose hall, and the guest house where visiting Venture teams stay, as well as establish the centralized solar power system that can expand to provide power to other buildings.
The computer lab will allow secondary students to become familiar with technology, give them access to research databases, and prepare them for their exams. 
The multipurpose hall is used for studying, worship, and church services—all of which require power.
The guest house is where visiting Venture teams stay. Solar power will improve the Venture experience and reduce costs by eliminating the need for expensive generator fuel.
This centralized solar power system can grow as more buildings need power, making it a long-term solution to our site’s power needs.
Your gift today will provide clean, renewable energy for children in Uganda.
Minimum: $5.00

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