(UG) Baseline WASH Program

Fundraising Goal: $9,177
Currently Raised: $9,227
Still Needed: -$50
= Denotes raised amount
Worldwide, more than one billion people do not have access to safe drinking water or adequate sanitation, and every year, one million people die from water-related diseases. COTN strives to provide safe access to clean drinking water for thousands of children and their families. Our objectives are safer access and shorter distances for retrieving water (especially for women and girls), cleaner water to reduce the occurrence of diarrhea and other illnesses in children, better sanitation disposal, and controlled access and storage of water for agriculture. 
Because access to water and diversification of water resources is essential to the wellbeing of each child at COTN–Uganda, we are implementing a WASH program, which stands for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene. 
But before we implement the official WASH program, we need to complete a baseline study. The needs of each community COTN serves are different, and this study will allow us to make a WASH plan suited for Uganda. 
Thank you for giving toward our baseline WASH study! Your gift is helping provide clean water to the children of COTN–Uganda and their families.
Minimum: $5.00

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