(HA) Baseline study for Haiti WASH Project

Clean water is essential for life. But many children in the Caribbean communities COTN serves have to go without this basic necessity. 

Not so long ago, many of these children in the Dominican Republic made do with drinking and washing in dirty river water. They became ill or dehydrated, and often had to miss school. But thanks to caring people like you, COTN–Dominican Republic will soon be completely water secure!
By giving to this project, you can do the same thing for children in Haiti!
The 2017 hurricane season caused flooding and contamination of the water supply in Haiti. And because Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, the children there almost never have access to clean water.
No child should have to go without clean water. Your gift will allow the COTN-Haiti staff to complete a baseline study and define the elements of a two-year WASH program (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) that will help provide clean water and proper hygiene and sanitation training for the children and families COTN serves. 
This assessment is an essential first step in providing clean water for the children we serve in Haiti. It will help us gather data about the community and create a detailed implementation plan for the WASH program. It will also allow the community to take part in gathering the data, which will help them learn about and take ownership of the program.
Minimum: $5.00

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