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COTN-Uganda is excited to move forward with plans of a computer lab for Marani Honors High School. Currently, our students are leaving secondary school without learning even basic computer skills.

But once our children enter university, they are expected to know how to use a computer to research and write papers. In addition, the secondary curriculum for Uganda does identify computer classes as an important part of secondary education. However, we can’t complete this part of the government curriculum because we don’t have the resources needed.

COTN's education department has secured funds to begin a computer lab in Uganda. We would like to set up this lab in February of 2018. The following components of the computer lab are needed and included in this proposal:

1. Desks
2. Chairs
3. Curtains for the windows
4. Metal work (iron bars on the windows, and improving the metal door to the classroom.)
5. Padlocks for the doors
6. Fans to keep the room and computers cool when the lab is in use
7. Transporting the components to Uganda
This proposal also includes the salary of a computer teacher for one year.
Our secondary students are the main benefactors of this project. The skills they learn from using this technology will not only help them in secondary school, but throughout their entire life. No matter what profession they enter, technology is sweeping this world and our students should not lose out on this opportunity. This project will be considered successful when the computers are up and running and the children are using them on a daily basis.
Minimum: $5.00

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