(UG) Staff Computers

Fundraising Goal: $7,800
Currently Raised: $7,800
Still Needed: $0
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This project is fully funded! Thank you!

COTN-Uganda is continuing to grow and improve. The next step in improving our service to our children involves equipping our staff, both teachers and administrators, with computers. In COTN-Uganda, we have discovered the importance of writing our own exams, creating homework for children to do over vacation, and analyzing assessment results. We also need to store important information like financial and medical records, as well as send reports. But to do all these things (and more) we need the appropriate technology.


Currently, our primary section shares one computer and our secondary section shares another. You can imagine how difficult it is to accomplish tasks with the resources we have. With better equipment, the staff will be able to provide even better care for our children.              

Minimum: $5.00

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